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What is a price bucket?

Price bucket is a feature that allows sellers to allocate their buyers into dedicated price groups. In one go, the Sellers are able to create a single price list with multiple prices. The Buyers see only their respective prices. This feature allows Sellers to reach all registered Buyers without having to expose prices of everyone. Sample link

Can payments be received through EZCrops?

Payments processing for sales transactions is being developed and will be available to all registered users by end 2019. EZCrops will have a full option of payment collection through our platform. We’ll keep you posted.

Can Buyers see prices of all Sellers?

Yes, Buyers can see market prices of all sellers.

What is a connection?

Connection is an online link established between a Buyer and a Seller when the Seller approves Buyer’s request to purchase from him.

How can I buy from Sellers on EZCrops?

Create an account with EZCrops, then create a connection with Sellers that you want to buy from, Once the Seller approve your connection request, you can start to make purchases.

Can Buyers purchase from other Buyers?

No, Using EZCrops, a Buyer can only purchase from a Seller. A user needs to be classified as a Seller in EZCrops to be able to sell. A Seller can be both a Seller and a Buyer of wholesale produce.

Can I file a dispute using EZCrops?

Absolutely! Buyers can open a dispute using EZCrops and keep track until resolution. Dispute resolution, however, is not decided by EZCrops, it’s tracked. Resolution requires mutual agreements between Buyers and Sellers, or legal entities such as DRC.

Can EZCrops provide communication and purchasing logs for disputes?

Absolutely! EZCrops tracks all details of sales; from price lists, to purchases, shipping costs, and delivery.

Can I use EZCrops for free before committing to paid service?

Absolutely! EZCrops is more than happy for customers to try our services so they can see the benefits of using our platform.

Can EZCrops integrate with my ERP system?

Later this year in 2019, EZCrops will integrate with some of the well-known ERP systems in the market, and will offer customized integration for your ERP.

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