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Can Sellers update an active price list?

Yes, Sellers can update & modify an active price list whenever they like.  Sellers can also end their price list early, or extend the time duration of the price list as needed.Q:  What is an Active Price list?A:   Price list (ad) which is published and available for buyers to make purchases from.

Can Sellers buy from other Sellers on EZCrops?

Yes they can!  Sellers can connect and purchase from one another.

Can Sellers receive payments through EZCrops?

Sellers will need to manage payments separately.  Payment processing for sales transactions will be available to all registered users in the near future.  We’ll keep you posted.

How can I buy from Sellers on EZCrops?

It’s simple!

  1. Create an account with EZCrops
  2. Send connection requests to Sellers you want to buy from.
  3. Once the Sellers approve your connection request, you can start making purchases.

Can I file a dispute using EZCrops?

Absolutely! Buyers can open a dispute using EZCrops and keep track until resolution. Dispute resolution, however, is not decided by EZCrops, it’s tracked. Resolution requires mutual agreements between Buyers and Sellers, or legal entities such as DRC.

Can EZCrops provide communication and purchasing logs for disputes?

Absolutely! EZCrops tracks all details of sales; from price lists, to purchases, shipping costs, and delivery.

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